Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wounded hearts seek healing

Our hearts are truly made whole in Christ

Last night I was sitting in Mass, listening to a terrific St. Thomas priest give a homily on the day's readings. If you didn't get a chance to read them, go on ahead:

Yesterday's gospel dealt with Jesus' teaching about the sin we commit coming from inside ourselves, not from some exterior person or thing. Sure, temptations are aplenty in the world around us, but when we sin, we choose with our hearts to do something that is contrary to the purpose God made us for. (To glorify him and love our neighbor) And, this priest said correctly, we humans are capable of some really nasty, wicked things. We need think no further than the front pages of the newspaper to know that is true coupled with the sin we each battle on a daily basis. But the next part is what really grabbed me. As Christians, we can sometimes be overcome with a feeling that "I am a good person, I'm a Christian after all". But we forget that any good that we do is completely by the grace of God and that the only difference that separates us in any way from another is that we have identified our hearts as wounded and have asked the Lord, the divine Physician to heal us. We are wounded hearts seeking healing, no more, no less. We have no reason to be proud, overbearing, vain, conceited, or hotheaded because of our relationship with the Lord. Rather, we must have the strength in humility and love for Christ to share the little we do have with our brothers and sisters. What a fantastic homily, it has given me lots to reflect upon and I wanted to share it for those of you who weren't able to make it to community night.

In other news, I am doing a health/fitness challenge called "Minnesota's Biggest Loser". It is a really neat program and you can learn about it/sign-up at Basically, you sign-up as a team (or individual) and track your nutrition choices, weight lost, and exercise completed. Then the computer calculates these variables to add up to a particular number of "pounds" lost. For each pound lost, this organization will donate a pound of food to a local foodshelf. Way cool! This is, perhaps, the easiest service project I have every been a part of and I am thankful that my neighbor and friend Amy told me about this fantastic opportunity. It will last for 12 weeks (through April 15th) and it is not too late to join. Note: You must live in Minnesota to be a part of this challenge. Sorry out-of-staters!!
I am looking forward to this upcoming weekend. Weekends full of friends, studying, cooking/grocery shopping are the best! :-) I'm also looking forward to next Monday night's Valentine's Day party which will include going to an amazing sushi/steakhouse, a movie night (chick flick!!!), making V-day cards, and eating yummy frozen yogurt...bring on the festivities!!
I would love to get comments from those of you who are reading my blog. I realize that I have just started, but it helps me to know if anyone has suggestions for something I ought to write on or any tips about formatting from those of you who have been blogging for much longer than I have.

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