Saturday, March 12, 2011

A few rising stars I've got to rave about!

Jammin' out today!: Some music you REALLY ought to listen to
Last night I had the privilege of going to a concert where Luke Spehar released his new cd "No other way" which has 10 new tracks. It is PHENOMENAL and it is the music that he wrote during his first year of seminary at St. John Vianney at the University of St. Thomas. To me, his is an Amos Lee meets Jack Johnson meets Dave Matthew...does that make any sense? He's got a really unique style and is a Catholic artist. He has a new website that he is still getting all set up which is you can also find him on Facebook. Unfortunately I can't find any videos of his new songs, but if you want a taste of his music, check out this video which has his song, "The Champion" from his first cd Be still :

Hopefully his new album will be available to the general public SOON!

I also have a friend named Heather Bartlett who is going places! First of all, she is just about the most friendly, cheerful, sweet, smart, and fun girl ever. She just released an album that is on ITUNES. She has a gorgeous voice and sings pop with a twist. Her album is available for purchase in the UST bookstore, and also up on Itunes. One song that you CAN'T get on the bookstore copy ($5) is "In the End". If you buy this single, she will be donating the profits from the song so that a priest Fr. Loya (who knew JPII personally) is able to attend Pope JPII's Beatification in Rome this spring....way cool Heather. Such a good idea of a "fundraiser" of sorts. My favorite song from her album is "Two Straws". You see, I'm a huge country fan, so my favorite thing are stories as lyrics, and this one totally revolves around the story of a couple and their love story from high school through family life with 6 kids. A heartwarming story revolving around their growing love and constant enjoyment of strawberry milkshakes together. Makes me wonder what traditions will remain in my future marriage with Bill. Whatever they are...I sure hope we continue to pray always and trust the Lord, eat lots of red velvet cake (and cupcakes),take roadtrips, and slowdance to our favorite songs. :-) I'd be willing to trade all the skype dates and letters (oh long distance!) for those things.

Happy Saturday 'o studying folks! I'm always happy to promote the music and books of people who really move and inspire me.

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William said...

Those are wonderful dreams sweetie. I can't wait to share life with you :-)